US college official who told Chinese students to speak English quits


(Reuters) - An official at the Duke University School of Medicine stepped down, a day after she was denounced by students on social media for sending an email saying Chinese students should speak English on campus.


Megan Neely left her position as director of graduate studies for the biostatistics master's program "effective immediately," the dean of the school told students in a letter on Sunday, according to the university's newspaper, The Chronicle.

杜克大学校报《The Chronicle》报道,周日该校院长在一封信中告诉学生,梅根·尼利(Megan Neely)辞去了生物统计学硕士研究生项目主任职,“立即生效”。

The dean, Mary Klotman, said Duke's Office of Institutional Equity would conduct a thorough review of the program.

院长玛丽·克罗特曼(Mary Klotman)表示,杜克大学制度公平办公室将对该项目进行彻底审查。

The email by Neely, who remains an assistant professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics at Duke, said she was approached by two faculty members who wanted details of first-year students "they observed speaking Chinese (in their words, VERY LOUDLY)" on campus.


The faculty members asked for photos of the students to be able to identify them "so they could remember them if they ever interviewed for an internship or ask to work with them for a master's project."


"I encourage you to commit to using English 100 percent of the time," Neely wrote to students in the master's program. The faculty members were upset, she added, because the students were "being so impolite as to have a conversation that not everyone on the floor could understand."


Screenshots of her email circulated widely on social media on Saturday, prompting some students to submit a petition urging the school to investigate what they called her "apparently discriminatory actions against international students."


Klotman and Neely did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sunday. Reuters could not verify the contents of the email.


In her letter, the dean reassured students there is "absolutely no restriction or limitation" on the language they choose to use on campus.




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KATHA Lyesterday

I remember, as a graduate student with the University of Northeastern Iowa three decades ago at a summer program in the city of Angers, being required on paper to speak only French for the duration of the session. Several reasons for this request, as we were there to improve our accents and understanding of the French language, not to help the French waiters practice their English on us!



NCAA2 days ago

Another one bites the dust on using Social Media to say ones mind in public.



william2 days ago

In a classroom it is a fair request. Outside class Chinese or whatever mother language would be appropriate.




When i was visiting Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, I heard a lot of international students spoke English, and a couple of Chinese professors were conversing in English with them.



We Are Borg2 days ago

She did not "quit" -- she was essentially fired. I'm not getting this: Neely then politely reminds these first-year students it would be to their benefit to speak English in the classroom; the complaints were not about PRIVATE conversations outside of the classroom. Neely was NOT the one initiating the complaint, it was two other faculty members. All she did was to simply relay a polite request to her first-year foreign students, so why didn't The Inquisition call out the other two faculty members?



T2 days ago

When I went to school in France they said the same thing, speak french 100% of the time and you'll master it quickly otherwise not so much.



jini g2 days ago

Should Spanish speaking student speak English 100% of the time?



CPinFL2 days ago

If foreign students have sufficient English to be accepted into American universities then they should be expected to speak English when in the classroom and when nonspeakers of their language are part of their conversational group then it's only good manners to speak the common language.




I am a naturalized American (Asian) - I speak 4 languages. In public settings, I always speak English - at work, school, groceries etc. If I speak in any other language, I speak privately / quietly. There is no rule for or against this. This is just a matter of politeness and social etiquette.



Del-one2 days ago

During class/lecture time, they should speak English. At other times, why can't personal conversations, be personal?



Zep Headyesterday

When you're in the classroom, or it's part of the schooling process, yeah, you should speak English. When you're on your own time, then speak however you want in whatever language you want. It isn't anybody else's business.



Jesse Oresnik2 days ago

First, why is the headline singling out a couple Chinese students, when this email was apparently directed to ALL students? Second, I'd like to know where their conversation took place. If it were in a classroom or during a school-related activity, they have a point. But if it were just some random place on campus, the students should be able to speak whatever language they like.



Sugamorgan2 days ago

When talking in class yes English when talking to friends or family SPEAK WHAT LANGUAGE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.....




There is nothing wrong to ask student to use a common language. At least I don't think so.



MahdiM2 days ago

I understand the outrage against Ms. Neely. What I would like to know is, why is there no outrage against the two faculty members who wanted details of first-year students. They are as much to blame as is Ms. Neely.



Joe2 days ago

It's a Free Country .. Freedom of Speech .. if I want to speak French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, English to my friends .. I will do it. I understand this was not during a class discussion - that's different if it is inside the classroom or out in the openwide campus



Abby2 days ago

If this was in the classroom, I could understand, but when they are not in class, it's no one's business what language they use, and completely understandable that people converse in their own language.



PS2 days ago

half the kids at the universities are now asian- and will return to asia after graduating. how does this help US taxpayers (who help fund universities)?



Bravo2 days ago

It seems that in our universities today all it takes is a letter from a few students to have you removed.



Mr. Mango To Youyesterday

I can't stand Trump, but there is one simple thing he could do that would get my vote: Cut the number of international student visas IN HALF! Most Universities justify giving rejecting US kids because foreign students pay more.




When in Rome... That is old advice but wise advice. If you want to be accepted and be included, you have to make an effort to also be inclusive..


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