特斯拉正与天空彩票与你同行电池巨头谈判,为在天空彩票与你同行生产的Model 3提供动力

 Tesla Is in Talks With Chinese Battery Giant to Power Model 3s Made in China

特斯拉正在与天空彩票与你同行电池巨头谈判,为在天空彩票与你同行生产的Model 3提供动力


(Bloomberg) -- Tesla Inc. is in talks with top Chinese battery producer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. about supplying cells for the Model 3 cars it will assemble at a new factory near Shanghai, people familiar with the matter said. CATL’s stock jumped.

(彭博社)--据知情人士透露,特斯拉正与天空彩票与你同行顶级电池生产商宁德时代就为Model 3汽车供应电池一事进行谈判。特斯拉将在位于上海的新工厂组装Model 3。宁德时代股价上涨。

CATL has been discussing the required specifications for the batteries with Tesla officials, the people said, asking not to be named because the talks are private. There’s no guarantee that an agreement will be reached, according to the people.


For CATL, winning orders from a high-profile customer like Tesla would bolster its profile as one of the world’s emerging battery-making power houses. Based in China’s southern Fujian province, the company is on course to become the biggest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries in China.


Shares of CATL climbed as much as 6.7 percent. The stock rose 4 percent to 91.45 yuan at 10:12 a.m. in Shenzhen, the biggest intraday gain in a week.


In a statement on Tuesday, CATL said it hasn’t reached an agreement with Tesla on cooperation or signed any business pact. The company didn’t say whether it is in talks with the U.S. electric-car manufacturer.


Tesla declined to comment.



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Carol10 hours ago

The Tesla Model 3 is a futuristic all-electric car made by USA based Tesla Inc. It is currently the best selling all-electric car in the U.S. ever and the backlog of orders continues to grow possibly projecting it into the best selling all-electric car in the world in time. Exciting times for an American auto manufacturer

特斯拉Model 3是一款未来派的纯电动汽车,由美国特斯拉公司生产。目前,它是美国有史以来最畅销的纯电动汽车,积压的订单仍在在继续增长,这可能会让它成为全世界最畅销的纯电动汽车。对于一家美国汽车制造商来说,这是激动人心的时刻。


Jeremy Wade10 hours ago

China's biggest car battery maker, CATL, has been ordered by the United States Court to pay 3% of their sales in the United States to LG Chemical, which is a competing Korean car battery maker, for violating LG's U.S. Patent rights. On the other hand, CATL will continue to violate the same U.S. Patent rights of LG Chemical in China because China does not recognize foreign companies' patent rights. Other countries around the world should violate Chinese companies' patents at will to return the favor.

天空彩票与你同行最大的汽车电池制造商宁德时代因侵犯LG在美国的专利权,已被美国法院下令将其在美销售额的3%支付给竞争对手韩国汽车电池制造商LG Chemical。另一方面,由于天空彩票与你同行不承认外国公司的专利权,在天空彩票与你同行,宁德时代将继续侵犯LG的美国专利权。其他国家也可以肆意侵犯天空彩票与你同行公司的专利,以此来回应天空彩票与你同行。


USAWINS10 hours ago

Tesla. Built on a massive amount of US taxpayer dollars. Manufacturing in China? Never buy a Tesla!



B9 hours ago

Hmmm... As far as I can tell the battery business is the only redeemable piece of Tesla. I don't expect it to survive the next 2-3 years as a standalone car company. It will either become a battery company and sell off the car company or merge with a much larger player wanting the battery technology. The car company itself isn't worth 10% of its current stock value.



td10 hours ago

Amazon profited $11 billion in 2018, and paid zero taxes. I’m guessing Tesla is no different



ceyhun c4 hours ago

Electric cars are all about battery technology if you don't produce your own batteries how to differentiate your car from others?



R G9 hours ago

I thought Tesla was founded to develop advanced batteries.




and how much is a replacement set of battery, the equivalent to 1000 gal of gas or more.. As we all know battery operated devices are cheep its the batteries that are not.



Ken9 hours ago

Wonder what Tesla technology Musk gave to the Chinese to set up the factory.



Dan5 hours ago

That's a Great Idea... to diversify battery production .



user7 hours ago

I'm not going to buy Tesla if it is made in China! Made in USa is one of the reasons to buy Tesla. If made in china, then no

如果特斯拉是天空彩票与你同行生产的,我就不买! 美国制造是购买特斯拉的前提之一。如果是在天空彩票与你同行制造的,那就不买。


jackwiththebigjack7 hours ago

Trump is working on the Made in America model . MAGA baby!!

特朗普正在研究“美国制造”模式,让美国再次伟大! !


James8 hours ago

in the future when all these car require battery upgrades where will the old ones go? you think carbon emissions are bad wait until these toxic batteries start to end up in land fill poisoning your water supply.



Clintonn10 hours ago

I just realized I don't want a tesla anymore



td10 hours ago

Notice it’s not an American battery company



roadie9 hours ago

And I was thinking of getting a Telsa. But, not with junk batteries from China.

Especially when we have large, ultra modern battery plants right here in the USA.




James7 hours ago

Tesla is all about making great electric motors, just like Honda was famous for making gas motors.



JR10 hours ago

Made in China. Exploding batteries



Tony10 hours ago

Weren’t they building a gigafactory in China for battery production? Now that’s not happening.....ship is sinking fast! Wouldn’t want to be long tsla....shorts all over it



Common Sense9 hours ago

TESLA in China is a Huge Error in Judgement



Nick10 hours ago

Batteries from China = product on fire.



American10 hours ago

Chinese Teslas, sounds safeImageintersectdisconnectBy intersectdisconnect on



Anonymous10 hours ago

What about their own batteries?



TK10 hours ago

Tesra is going big



Mr. Logical9 hours ago

If Telsa goes to China we should stop buying.



James7 hours ago

The age of electric motors is just beginning, by Tesla in China.



Anonymous1 hour ago

Hopefully the trump tards out there are paying attention. Tariffs don't work! As long as the corporate CEO's are trying to increase profits and share value - jobs are going overseas.



Gary9 hours ago

Making China Great Again. Nice. And I'm sure the Chinese won't steal Tesla's designs, intellectual property, etc. LOL




The equivalence of driving with a ticking timebomb.



Anonymous9 hours ago

Chinese can copy just about anything nowadays and some are better than the originals.



Libtards9 hours ago

50% tariff imposed for not made in the USA



Baby Farts Mcgeezks9 hours ago

They probably already stole and reverse engineered the batteries.



Boom Stick10 hours ago

Everything is made in china.



Jeremiah s8 hours ago

Looks like there will be a Chinese clone coming out soon. Make it in China lose it in China



OrdinaryGod1 hour ago

Technology stolen from us



kevin8 hours ago

If you want to be rich go to China, Chinese dream is on the RISE.


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