英国禁止波音737 MAX进入其领空,两架土耳其航班被迫在空中掉头

 Boeing jet is forced to turn around MID-AIR after Britain bans 737 MAX planes following Ethiopia disaster, as rest of Europe and India follows suit

埃航空难后,英国禁止波音737 MAX进入其领空,被迫在空中掉头。欧洲其他国家和印度纷纷效仿


Two Boeing jets heading for Britain have turned around mid-air after the UK barred 737 Max planes from its airspace following the Ethiopia disaster.

在埃航空难后,英国禁止737 Max飞机进入其领空,两架飞往英国的波音飞机被迫在空中掉头。英国航空主管机构于今日做出了这一决定。

British aviation chiefs made the decision today after an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft crashed on Sunday killing all 157 on board - the second disaster involving the Max 8 model in under five months.

周日,埃塞俄比亚航空公司的一架飞机坠毁,机上157人全部遇难,这是近5个月内Max 8机型发生的第二起空难。

As the restrictions were announced this afternoon, two Turkish Airlines aircraft - one bound for Gatwick and the other to Birmingham - turned back while flying over Europe.


Britain's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said the carrier turned its planes back so they would not get stuck in the UK when the ban came into force at 1pm. The airline said it was grounding all 12 Boeing Max planes in its fleet until further notice.

英国民航局(CAA)表示,下午1点禁令生效,该航空公司已将其飞机调回,以免在禁令生效后困在英国。该航空公司表示,在接到进一步通知之前,将停飞全部12架波音737 Max飞机。

Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Iceland and India all followed suit after Britain's decision today, before the EU's aviation agency announced a complete suspension of 737 Max 8 and Max 9 flights in Europe.

在英国做出决定后,德国、法国、意大利、爱尔兰、荷兰、冰岛和印度也纷纷效仿。之后,欧盟航空机构宣布,波音 737 Max 8和Max 9航班在欧洲全部停飞。

Today Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde Gebremariam said the pilot had reported 'flight control problems' before the crash.


That could mean the plane's equipment was not responding to the pilot's attempts to bring it under control, CNN reported.


Tui Airways has the only five Max 8 aircraft operated by a UK-based airline, and confirmed the planes have been grounded following the CAA's decision.

土耳其航空公司英国航线运营5架波音Max 8,并证实已按照英国民航局的决定,下令停飞这些飞机。

Norwegian Air, the other major operator of Max 8s in the UK, confirmed they too had suspended flights with the jets following a recommendation from European aviation authorities.

挪威航空是在英国运营波音Max 8的另一家主要运营商,也证实在欧洲航空当局的建议下,他们停飞了这一机型的航班。

Boeing's stock fell 3.2 to $387.10 minutes after the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange today, adding to a 5 per cent decline on Monday.


Today India's Jet Airways joined airlines in Mexico, Ethiopia, Brazil and South Africa in resolving to keep their Max 8s in hangers pending safety reviews.

今天,印度捷特航空公司加入了墨西哥、埃塞俄比亚、巴西和南非的航空公司的行列,决定在安全审查之前停飞其波音Max 8停在机库中。

And this evening the Indian government announced it is immediately grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes after Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines crash.

A statement late Tuesday says the planes will be grounded until appropriate modifications and safety measures are undertaken to ensure their safe operations.

今天晚间,印度政府宣布,在周日埃航坠机事件后,将立即停飞所有波音737 Max 8。在其星期二晚间发表的一份声明中表示,这些飞机将停飞,直到采取适当的修改和安全措施,确保它们的安全飞行。

The statement does not say how many planes are affected.


India says it continues to 'consult closely with regulators around the world, airlines and aircraft manufacturers to ensure passenger safety.'


No U.S. airlines have grounded the Boeing 737 Max 8 models that they fly, but at least one group representing flight attendants at a major carrier says it does not want to put its members on the plane until further investigations are completed.

目前尚未有美国航空公司停飞其运营的波音737 Max 8,但是至少有一个代表一家主要航空公司空乘人员的团体表示,在进一步调查完成之前,他们不想让自己的成员登机。

Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau, meanwhile says 'all options are on the table' with regard to the country's fleet of the jets.

与此同时,加拿大交通部长马克·加尔诺表示,他没有让加拿大的737 MAX 8客机停飞的计划,只是称“所有选择都摆在桌面上”。

Australia and South Korea have suspended 737 MAX aircraft operations while Singapore issued the same orders at its busy Changi airport. Indonesia grounded its fleets and Vietnam said it would not grant licences for the jet until the cause of Sunday's crash was determined.

澳大利亚和韩国暂停了737 MAX机型的运营,新加坡也在繁忙的樟宜机场下达了同样的指令。印尼停飞了该机型,越南则表示,在周日坠机原因确定之前,不会给这一机型颁发许可。

In Britain, a spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority said: 'As we do not currently have sufficient information from the flight data recorder we have, as a precautionary measure, issued instructions to stop any commercial passenger flights from any operator arriving, departing or overflying UK airspace.

英国民航局的一位发言人表示:“由于我们目前没有从飞行数据记录器中获得足够的信息,作为预防措施,我们已经发出指示,禁止任何航空公司的波音 737MAX8客机抵达、离开或飞越英国领空。”

'The UK Civil Aviation Authority's safety directive will be in place until further notice.



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Milaa1, Universal Law, United States, 53 minutes ago

Hopefully this will force them to do what's right for all on board their planes.



rl1905, sydney, Australia, 1 hour ago

Thanks China for leading the way



Kthomps, Vancouver, Canada, 2 hours ago

It makes me so angry Canada won't ground these planes!



Get real, For Pitys Sake, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago

I agree with their stance but why not tell the airlines that important bit of information BEFORE departure?



copernicus.gallilei, oslo, Norway, 3 hours ago

Ban them. I do not believe that a software bug will address the issue this is just smoke and mirrors. The plane is simply not safe. The probability of failure in a highly safety aircraft should be lower than 0.000000001 per hour of flight, which means a fatal failure shall never occur in the lifetime of the fleet. They need to put out for public, two detailed reports for the two crashes in six months.



gaunt house, Medellin, Colombia, 4 hours ago

Or is it just an opportunity to display anti-Americanism ? This tragedy is under investigation, the cause will be determined and if it's deemed to be a computer issue Boeing will rectify it in all other models of this aircraft type.



poise7, Eden Prairie, United States, 4 hours ago

I think someone is illegally hacking the planes remotely. They better investigate



HKer, Hong Kong, China, 5 hours ago

Soon US will be the only country that allows Max8 to fly, or perhaps also Canada, as Trudeau never dare to say no to the US.



thee, Liverpool, Tuvalu, 6 hours ago

Pity airlines not putting safety first, should have grounded without being told to do it. Just money grabbers



Tony, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Even if this plane has its design change I will still never get one on. Shame I can't fly with Ryan Air anymore, easyjey only as they use Airbus.



HuNtInG.ArOuNd, North Korea, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

This is a disaster for families who lost their family members and this is a disaster for airline manufacturer



Kayuk21, London, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Ground them all. They are obviously ticking time bombs. I¿m not flying on one



Stinging Nettle, Formerly of European Union, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

This Boeing model is a serial killer.



craig14, Belfast, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

comprehensive evidence now needs to be provided by Boeing to convince us that these aircraft flying above our heads are safe.



AdaBsiz, Bristol, 8 hours ago

Nobody jokes about Boeing in America ! They have the strongest arm, and their tentacles reach all the way up to the top !



AP, London, 8 hours ago

If this was an Airbus rather than a Boeing the FAA would have grounded it immediately



thornaby, stockton on tees, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

These planes should be grounded until the cause of these very similar disasters are established and rectified



Ralpha1961, Atlanta, 8 hours ago

Just a way to shut down Boeing.



hello37, Manchester, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago




FifiFlamingo, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

Flying is the safest way of travelling - but 2 crashes in 5 months, of exactly the same new model, must raise concerns. If they hadn't been grounded, so many passengers would have refused to fly in them, that they wouldn't be of any use anyway.



DaBuzz, Alhambra, United States, 8 hours ago

Boeing: it's not a bug, it's a feature. Please. Grounding these flying c0ffins is the right thing to do.

这不是一个bug, 而是一种特色。停飞这些飞行棺材,这才是正确的做法。


Alan, Glasgow, 8 hours ago

If this had been an Airbus the US would have grounded every model of Airbus in the US within a day. As it's Boeing that drag their feet.



Stinging Nettle, Formerly of European Union, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

Americans would never admit their products could be faulty. They are indoctrinated they are the best and anything made in America is superior. Boeing is playing a dangerous Russian roulette with people's lives.



jennifer, bethel, United States, 9 hours ago

America Airlines please ground your 737 Max planes instead of putting passengers at risk because of money

美国航空公司,请停飞你们的波音 737 Max飞机,不要因为钱而不顾乘客的安危。


Bazza man, Kent, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

These planes should be grounded until we know the cause



Bob Smith III, columbus, United States, 9 hours ago

poorly trained crew, with the pilots being relatively inexperienced. so india and ethiopia have some garbage pilots, and then the rest of the world grounds the planes. why would you put inexperience like that on your new planes?



lovely bloke, EASTBOURNE, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

Anyone who is flying on a 737 best not google the safety record of this plane, far from good ! Boeing should've done a ground up redesign of the short haul airliner years ago, This airframe has been flying since the late 60s.



Weallvotedleave, Beautiful suffolk, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

If its boeing! I ain't going!



Fed up with all this, London, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

They should have been grounded immediately after the first accident happened. May all of those who lost their lives so tragically rest in peace.



Zenia, Leeds, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

A good decision by the aviation authority. Boeing has brought this onto itself and should have recalled the planes as soon as the first accident occurred.



Save The World, Telford, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

American rubbish planes



woodstock1970, New Forest, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

I understand the ban but it seems bit ridiculous stopping a jet from landing.



Blueayes, London, Vatican, 10 hours ago

Boeing make the safest aircraft in the world hands down, this is pilot error.



Save The World, Telford, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

American rubbish planes



I am Canadian, Toronto, Canada, 10 hours ago

America and Canada refuse to ground their fleets this shows the power and influence of Boeing overseas


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